Where's your next challenge?!

Many years ago whilst at University in Newcastle I started paddling one of the club Acrobat 300's that had been converted into a C1 (and I'm talking back in the 1990's!)...I was intrigued with the conversion and after a few sessions in the pool and much rolling practice I was able to control it and roll it... I then took it onto the Tees White Water course in Stockton to see what this new craft was capable of... Well I found that between the Happy Eater and Cruncher I was able to put in about 8 rolls!

However, I was captivated with the craft and it's performance on that course... so I continued to take the boat out as often as I could. After a few years I was able to buy my own C1 - a Perception UltraClean, converted by a Junior GB Freestyle team member at the time. It was a great boat back then and much time was spent in it... Pennies got tight though and I had to sell it... back in 2002 I think it was!

So where's this going I hear you ask!?! Well, when I moved to Leeds a few years ago I joined Leeds Canoe Club and met a guy called Kelvin who over the period I've been with the club has inspired me with his skill in a C1 or WW Canoe. Last weekend I purchased an old Riot Trickster, a boat that I'd owned many years ago and absolutely loved, for next to no money and hopefully soon it'll be converted into a C1 for me to get back out there on the rivers in... That's my challenge to myself for 2011 - pick up where I left off and further develop my skills with one blade.

I feel that, as a coach, I should explore lots of different disciplines and craft so that it will further aid my understanding and help coaching others of key skills. I also think it's great to have a personal challenge to help my own development within the sport and prevent me from stagnating.

Keep an eye for future blogs on how to convert a kayak to a C1 and my first experiences back on the water in a C1 after 10 years or so!!

Happy paddling...and good luck with your next challenge, whatever it may be...