Modern Technology!

Well... I have a website...and a facebook page... and wow and behold I can now get them talking to each other! The wonders of modern technology... I can now blog or post courses on this very website and they appear on my newly created facebook page!

So... I'm potentially going off topic here... or am I? As we've seen with the "Technological Revolution" a whole host of advancements in the technology we use but we've also seen changes in kayak design, recently it's been a case of more evolution than revolution though for my preferred craft...

My current boat of choice is a 2009 spec Pyranha Burn... a great all round boat as it is capable of running all sorts of rivers, from your general grade 2 to your more advanced grade 4 and beyond. A few years ago I was paddling a H3... at the time I thought it was a really good solid boat... Then came a trip to the French Alps...!

After a few days of commercial guiding in my "old trusty H3" a friend and I decided to run down the recently changed Ubaye from La Fresquiere following a massive flood and several river changes. The run down was great, solid and continuous 3/4 rapids with roller-coaster wave trains and tight corners to navigate. I think that season we were one of the first UK paddlers to run that section and we really didn't know what to expect as the floods had now changed the river and the guidebook was pretty useless! We had a great trip down but to cut a long story short, halfway through the section I discovered a large amount of water coming into my boat around my feet.. I'd obviously clipped something on the way down one of the first rapids... We got down the rest of the trip fine after forcing some river-side boat sized eddies to empty my boat when it got a bit sloshy in the cockpit!

Anyway... back to the reason for the story...Modern technology... another friend offered to lend me her Burn as my H3 was out of action so I tried it out on the Isere International Slalom Site at Bourg St Maurice...OK maybe not the best starting position for a new boat run but hey ho (especially as I'd never paddled on an international slalom site so steep before!).

Good news though...I found the burn to be a fantastic boat! It built on so many of the great H3 features that I felt at home in it straight away despite the large volume international slalom site! The Burn also goes a lot further though... it surfaces well from boofs/drops, it drives into and out of eddies very well and for a river running/creek boat it plays very well on waves and in holes...

and Since then... well I've bought a Medium Burn of course!

In terms of my original reference to technology... well I hope this shows that boat development for us kayakers has helped to develop our sport to what we now know! What happens next in boat design... who knows... but if the trend continues it can only mean a better experience for us as paddlers.